Get a experience of

N-TIGHT high speed filter mode









A Leading Speed Beam System


It produces high energy of 87 J with two pulses for 5/1000 seconds, and operates continuously at the speed of 1Hz.

It produces high energy of 235J with seven pulses for 15/1000 seconds, and operates continuously at a speed of 1Hz.

With the technology of speed beam, a pulse of 20Hz operates 16 times for a maximum of 16 seconds, and a total of 320 pulses are generated smoothly at super high speed.
The total energy is 1080J (about 108W/sec) and the operation is performed continuously at 20Hz.By using low output energy, the wavelength of 800 and various filters deliver the wavelength deep into the dermis layer without pain. It uses a dual lamp to create a variety of pulse shapes and high energy.
Therefore, you can predict a safe procedure.

The beam size is 45*15mm. Depending on the shape of the beam guide, it is possible to achieve a uniform light output for each part of the irradiated surface in a large rectangular beam guide.

Short Pulse, High Energy, Soft Beam Our products use high performance lamps, high performance power, and optimal HW and SW.

The quality of energy is important even for quantitative energy.

Cooling of the crystal contact plate must be able to reach 0℃ at room temperature (at 25℃) within 3 minutes.

made with the selective and exclusive parts.










Get a new experience of up to 320 smooth,

perfect square pulses in 16 seconds with

N-TIGHT mode.





SUPER VELOCE 4800 uses high voltage dual lamps from the beginning of development in 2006 to produce high power energy in a short time.






Accurate and uniform energy control with Intelligent Multi Pulse





Optimum design ensures high output stability even in ultra-fast beam irradiation

Maximize the effect of treatment with high energy irradiation in a short time

Expansion of treatment area and improvement of added value by Speed Beam and Pin White

Widely applied to various lesions with 8 different Intelligent Filters







High Energy & Speed Beam 

Time gets short, energy gets high
and beam gets soft!



Speed Beam System

enables continuous (max. 20Hz) irradiation of up to 320 pulse energy (max. 160J/㎠) for up to 16 seconds, expanding the area of treatment and improving economy


Various beam wavelength and treatment parameters

implements safe and various treatment effects with 8 kinds of auto recognized Intelligent Filters and various parameters depending on energy and pulse width


Wide range of spot sizes

provides speedy and optimized treatment methods with 6 different types of spot sizes including a large size of 45*15mm


Fast and precise cooling temperature control system

It reaches within 3 minutes from room temperature (25 ℃) to 0 ℃ , and fast and precise cooling system is applied for optimal treatment environment


Easy-to-use, intuitive touch screen

highly visible GUI, Maximized treatment convenience with easy operation









    1. With the core technology of “Extra High Energy & Speed Beam,”SUPER VELOCE 4800 produces up to 235J of near-perfect high energy for 15/1000 seconds uniformly and stably.
    2. It has various treatment parameters, auto-recognized Intelligent Filter when inserted into a handpiece, large beam guide, 5 different spot blocks to maximize the effect of the treatment on various lesions.
    3. The design that is faithful to the basics, such as speed Beam System, fast and precise cooling temperature system, handpiece abnormality detection circuit, etc. delivers stable uniform energy which does not change even when used for a long time.
    4. We have made a lot of effort to make the product that can benefit both the doctor and the patient with quick treatment, positive effects and immediate return to everyday life.




It Show the Depth of Penetration
by Filter Wavelength