Get a experience of n-tight high speed filter mode

Get a experience of

 N-TIGHT  high speed

filter mode


♦ It produces high energy of 87 J with two pulses for 5/1000 seconds, and operates continuously at the speed of 1Hz.
♦ It produces high energy of 235J with seven pulses for 15/1000 seconds, and operates continuously at a speed of 1Hz.
♦ IPDL (intense pulsed double light) uses a variety of pulse shapes.With the technology of speed beam, a pulse of 20Hz operates 16 times for a maximum of 16 seconds, and a total of 320 pulses are generated smoothly at super high speed. The total energy is 1080J (about 108W/sec) and the operation is performed continuously at 20Hz.By using low output energy, the wavelength of 800 and various filters deliver the wavelength deep into the dermis layer without pain. Therefore, it is possible to predict the safe procedure that can not be seen in conventional RF electric hazard and ultrasonic waves.

♦The beam size is 45*15mm. Depending on the shape of the beam guide, it is possible to achieve a uniform light output for each part of the irradiated surface in a large rectangular beam guide.
Short Pulse, High Energy, Soft Beam Our products use high performance lamps, high performance power, and optimal HW and SW.
♦The quality of energy is important even for quantitative energy.
♦Cooling of the crystal contact plate must be able to reach 0℃ at room temperature (at 25℃) within 3 minutes.