NSON makes a genuine laser.







The medium of Alexandrite & Nd;YAG are governed by the weight of ROD. In particular, Rod of Alexanderite is one of a high-priced parts and its weight determines the quality of energy. (The Alexander ROD weighs about 31g and the Nd :YAG ROD weighs about 38g.)

PENTO 9900 adopts rod direct resonance method instead of optical resonance method to use High Power




PENTO 9900 generates high-power energy

At a short pulse of 3ms, the pulse shape becomes close to a square pulse at 50J of energy, and proceeds at 2Hz.

At a short pulse of 250us, the pulse shape becomes close to a square pulse at 4.5J of energy, and proceeds at 10Hz.

High energy in a short time minimizes side effects on the skin and can predict the result of the treatment.

The automatic recognition function verifies whether the value set in the monitor is in the range before treatment.

We created this technology of High Power with the size and weight of ROD.

The shape of the beam is rounded by spot size, and the medium is implemented flat depending on the distribution.

Even with the set amount of energy, yet the contents of energy is important.

Our production is made in accordance with the approval standards.



PENTO 9900 made with the selective and exclusive parts









PENTO 9900 created with the consideration of safety from the designing stage












From the start of development in 2006 to the current mass production. PENTO9900 makes the shape of the pulse which is close to a square pulse in a shorter time with high energy occured from the wavelength of the weight of Alexander and Nd:YAG.







It is evaluated by a short pulse when it performs.

A Leading Dual-Wavelength System

PENTO 9900






High output stability with optimized performance for high-speed laser oscillation

Up to 24mm spot size close to spherical mode and various pulse widths

Wide application to various lesions with performance, convenience and safety


High Voltage 

Time gets short, energy gets high
and beam gets soft!



Easy-to-use, intuitive touch screen

Highly visible GUI, optimal treatment with easy operation.


Various pulse widths

Provides safe and improved outcome during treatment.


Various spot sizes

Optimal treatment effects with 11 different spot sizes.
Shorter treatment time with a 24mm large spot size.


Optional use of gas cooling system & air cooling system

Protects epidermis and saves time by selecting fast refrigerant
Cryogen-based cooling system or cooling air system











PENTO 9900 Technical Summary

There may be an error occurred in graphs depending on the condition of a machine..


PENTO 9900 LASER is automatically controlled to maintain its best condition electronically and mechanically, resulting in constant energy and stable, uniform beam.
PENTO 9900 LASER can use Alexandrite LASER 3ms, 50J@2Hz, and Nd: YAG LASER 3ms, 50J@2Hz in 24mm spot size.
We have devoted ourselves to make sure that the pulse energy implemented close to the square pulse provides uniform beam quality on the treatment surface, and that stable energy that does not change even after long term use enhances safe treatments with outstanding results.










Alexandrite & Nd : YAG SPOT SIZE